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What information are we gathering on you? We keep your name, contact details and other information in your personal file, such as your care plan and your health and care needs. Your employee may write progress notes for each contact made with you, if required. We may contact you from time to time, or as required, to ensure that your personal information is up-to-date.

Why are we collecting your data? The information we collect helps us keep up-to-date details about your care needs and thereby allows us to provide you with the best care possible. We also use the information to continuously improve the delivery of our services.

Need to tell us all about your health? We rely on the information that you provide to us to formulate a concise care plan tailored to your particular needs. You have the right not to disclose any personal information to Rovada Support Services, as long as it does not place or expose our either yourself or our staff to any risks as a result of your non-disclosure. The information we collect about you allows us to fulfill our duty of care. If we do not have sufficient information about your health care needs we may not be able to provide a service to you.

How will we handle your information and secure it? Rovada Support Services is committed to protecting your anonymity, and all personal files of our customers are safely stored. Some information is paper based but most of the information is digitally stored. All digital information is secure, and our staff are familiar with, and must adhere to, our security policies regarding privacy and information technology.

The protection of your privacy and personal information is in accordance with the relevant legislation:

  • The Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (VIC)
  • The Health Records Act 2001 (VIC)
  • The Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 (VIC)

Can you access your details? You have the right to request access to your personal information, and if deemed necessary, request that it be modified.

Who else could have access to your information? Your information will be made available to those Rovada Support Services staff involved in your care. You must give a written consent to share information in order to make your information available to a third party. Disclosure is permitted where it is deemed to pose a serious risk to you, or to the health or safety of a third party.

The details may also be reported to other government organizations where legal requirements such as mandatory reporting of reportable conduct systems or the control and recording of incidents involving clients are required. In such situations, only the information required as required by law will be exchanged with those entities.

Website privacy: Rovada Support Services complies with Australian privacy laws and principles, and we collect information only to provide services to you or on your behalf. We do not pass or sell your information to other Australian or overseas parties or organizations.

Cookies and related technologies: On its website, the Rovada Support Services website uses cookies, pixel tracking and related technologies.

  • Cookies are a tiny file that is saved on your system within the browser.
  • Cookies that we or third parties have dropped may also be used to track how you use the site to target ads on other websites over the internet.
  • A cookie does not personally identify you but it does identify your machine.

Using Cookies enables us to give you continuity during your browsing session. We also use Google Analytics to collect high-level information about the people visiting our website (such as viewed pages, devices used, and interests) so that we can customize our communication and advertising through other networks.

Rovada Support Services reserves the right to update and modify its Privacy Policy at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or data collection please email us at support@rovadaservices.com.au