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Accommodation / Tenancy

Accommodation / Tenancy

At Rovada Support Services, we understand that safe, comfortable, and appropriate housing is essential for a fulfilling and independent life. Our Accommodation and Tenancy services are designed to help individuals with disabilities find, secure, and maintain suitable housing that meets their unique needs and preferences. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure that your living arrangements enhance your quality of life and promote your independence.

Our Accommodation and Tenancy services include:

  • Individualised Housing Solutions: We work closely with you to understand your housing needs and preferences, helping you find a living arrangement that suits your lifestyle and support requirements.

  • Tenancy Assistance: Our team provides support with all aspects of tenancy management, including understanding and signing lease agreements, negotiating with landlords, and addressing any issues that arise during your tenancy.

  • Securing Accommodation: We assist you in identifying and securing suitable housing options, whether it’s a rental property, shared accommodation, or supported living arrangements.

  • Support with Applications: Navigating the application process for housing can be complex. We offer guidance and practical assistance with filling out forms, providing necessary documentation, and following up on applications.

  • Maintaining Tenancy: Our services include ongoing support to help you maintain your tenancy, such as ensuring rent is paid on time, property maintenance, and understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

  • Crisis Support: In case of housing instability or crises, we provide immediate support to find temporary or emergency accommodation, ensuring your safety and security.

  • Home Modifications: If required, we can assist with arranging modifications to your home to ensure it meets your accessibility needs, making your living environment safe and comfortable.

  • Advocacy and Representation: We advocate on your behalf in dealings with landlords, property managers, and housing services to ensure your needs and rights are respected and upheld.

  • Skill Development: We offer training and support to help you develop the skills needed for independent living, such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and managing household responsibilities.

At Rovada Support Services, we are dedicated to helping you find a place to call home where you can thrive and live independently. Contact us today at 0406 147 160 or email us at info@rovadaservices.com.au to learn more about our Accommodation and Tenancy services and how we can support your housing needs.